TAPP: The Attuned Parent Program

TAPP teaches caregivers the importance of attunement, healthy responsiveness, and self-reflection.

Through self-awareness education, caregivers learn to master their own emotional palette. They become less defensive, less reactive, less neglectful, and less misaligned to children's needs.

Our Mission

Connection from Conception

To create a well-balanced program for parents and caregivers to become attuned to their child and to achieve strong bonds through understanding and compassion, ultimately optimizing the child's development.

What is Attunement?

"Attunement is, literally, being "in tune" with someone else's emotional states."

Attunement is...

Emotional Presence 

It's not a question of parental love but of the parent's ability to be present emotionally in such a way that the infant or child feels understood, accepted, and mirrored.

Attunement is the...

Language of Love

"Attunement is the real language of love, the conduit by which a preverbal child can realize that she is loved." 

Dr. Gabor Mate, Realms of Hungry Ghosts.

The Facts Behind the Value of Attunement

Our Values

What Guides Us: Integrity -  Stewardship - Self-Awareness


Concern for welfare and happiness of other human beings.



Paradigm-shifting practices for human well-being and potentiation.


Empathy and attunement that promotes developmental well-being. 



The pursuit of quality, integrity, and accountability at every level.


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