It starts with a story and ends with a purpose.

Live Your TRUTH

Everyone deserves to have that deeper understanding of whom they are called to be, unconditionally loved, with so much to offer the world.

Dr. Mary's M.O.T. is an individualized process - a series of coaching sessions - that guides one to design a map and uncover one's purpose to navigate an authentic life.


What is the Method of Transformation™️?

Dr. Mary’s Method of Transformation™(M.O.T.) is a process described as a method of development and growth that draws from psychological, philosophical, and spiritual theories that address the ego’s way of drawing one’s self away from living true to whom they were born to Be. By connecting with the Divine seed within, the client is gently guided as they strip away the masks that have limited them from living their authentic Truth.

The M.O.T. Process    

The Method of Transformation™️ process consists of 8 personal sessions with Dr. Mary that occur over roughly four months.  Throughout the process, you are gently guided back to your authentic, true self. There, you can experience the fullness of life and all that you are called to Be. 

Debrief and discuss why you want to take the journey. What is your wish?

Understanding the story around where and which you have organized your life.

Discover the barriers that hold you back.  With more copy here that gives us 3 lines

Learn how to develop emotional intelligence. with more copy for another

Reflect upon the values you hold and how to learn to live by them.

Explore role models and idols as a reflective exercise.

Drawing from the Enneagram, direct inner work to facilitate transformation.

Your authentic self is uncovered. Where do you want to go from here?

Mary’s work with our daughters provided them with strategies to strengthen themselves personally and academically.

We saw their confidence and self awareness grow in the trusting and caring environment Mary nurtured with each of them.

They feel empowered! 

-Rich M. & Kathy N.


"I wanted to thank Mary for her help in getting me to this place.

Speaking with her and hearing her thoughts helped me find new ways to find the quiet place in my head where I can actually hear myself think enough to make decisions that will hopefully keep taking me to the right places for me to be!"

-Sofia B.


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Why Dr. Mary?

  • Unique approach in which Dr. Mary, LLC merges psychology, Enneagram personality profiling, spirituality & the latest in trauma research to teach coaches how to more effectively serve their individual clients. 
  • PhD in Philosophy with specialty in Systematic Theology & Human Development
  • Proven success as a philosophical & spiritual coach
  • iEQ9 Certified
  • Student of Dr. Gabor Mate's Compassionate Inquiry Program

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