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Rosemary Hurwitz, MA.PS

Author of WHO ARE YOU MEANT TO BE, The Enneagram Effect

Avoiding Burnout With Breathwork and Affirmations for each Enneagram Type;

An Effective Practice for Coach and Client.

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ECG is not about the WHAT but the HOW!

You already know the value of the Enneagram.  You know WHAT it is. You share your passion and understanding of the Enneagram to guide others through your professional practice. 

ECG is about helping each other learn HOW to elevate our professional journeys using this incredible tool.  Through monthly meetings, networking platforms, collaboration teams and peer coaching, we live in a world of abundance with the ultimate goal of helping each other Become. 

What Makes ECG Different


A trusted & usually more seasoned mentor uses their experience to offer guidance, encouragement & support to another.


Use the group collective as a diagnostic sounding board when managing a time-sensitive professional challenge with a client. 


Members share their Enneagram focused project & via cooperative investigation, make a decision to move forward.

Our Mission

To elevate the effectiveness of personal development professionals worldwide, who draw from the Enneagram, by providing a supportive and safe place to network, collaborate, learn and Become.  

Our Guiding Principles


All issues are treated with confidentiality and respect. Member’s concerns are heard with compassion and the willingness to serve each other.


Every member should walk away elevating their effectiveness through the sharing of knowledge and other resources available within the group.


The world is abundant. There is space for all members to be successful in their practices. Together we each achieve more.


The ECG Vision

Our vision is to live in a world where the value of the Enneagram is understood & accepted as a transformative, relevant & credible tool to deliver exceptional self-awareness in our personal, professional & spiritual lives.  The sanctity of the group thrives on respectful, supportive, compassionate & creative values. 

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