It starts with a story and end with a purpose.

What is the Method of Transformation™️?

It starts with a story & ends with a purpose


Dr. Mary's Method of Transformation™ leads each client to their purpose. This unique method merges the testing and navigation tool, the Enneagram, with Dr. Gabor Mate's Compassionate Inquiry Technique for a custom guide toward self-discovery.


This client’s journey begins with a compassionate inquiry of their story. Through the lens of their Enneagram type, they will define their passion, their purpose, and their relation to the overarching story of Creation.


The Method of Transformation™ draws from psychological, philosophical & spiritual theories to stop the ego's attempts to pull the individual away from living true to whom they were born to Be. 


The process gently guides the client back to their authentic, true self. There, they can experience the fullness of life and all that they are called to be. 

The Method of Transformation™️ Process is a formalized, structured, and pre-packaged methodology of development and growth for your clients.

Dr. Mary's  Certification Program is a 'turn-key' program designed for coaches to enable & accelerate the execution, launch & monetization of their private practice.

Why Dr. Mary?

  • Unique approach in which Dr. Mary, LLC merges psychology, Enneagram personality profiling, spirituality & the latest in trauma research to teach coaches how to more effectively serve their individual clients. 
  • PhD in Philosophy with specialty in Systematic Theology & Human Development
  • Proven success as a philosophical & spiritual coach
  • iEQ9 Certified
  • Dr. Gabor Mate's Compassionate Inquiry Certificate

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