Method of Transformation™️ Small Group 

Next Sessions begins Spring 2024

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Do you find yourself struggling with these questions?


At a crossroads with a big decision in front of you?

Suffering from anxiety or depression?

Wondering if there is more to life than this?

About the Method of Transformation ™


✑ An 8-step program that draws from psychological, philosophical & spiritual theories 


✑ A process which takes you from where you ARE to where you want to BE


✑  Bring to light what really lies beneath the appearance you present to the world


✑ Work through unconscious dynamics that run your life & learn how to free yourself from them


✑ Learn how to bring & accept compassion, respect, acceptance, insight, healing and freedom to your life


✑ Access emotional states through body awareness

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Included in the Small Group Program

8 2-Hour Sessions

4-Month Program including 8 small group sessions exclusively lead by Dr. Mary.

1:1 with Dr. Mary

Individual 1-hour session with Dr. Mary. Timing to be at your discretion during the length of the program.

Enneagram Test

Personal report included.  Additional option for a relationships test for an incremental $60.

MOT Workbook

A narrative guide to document your journey to self-discovery

Sessions Beginning Spring, 2024

One Live Small Group in Columbus, OH

One Virtual Small Group

Limited to 6 individuals per session

September sessions are the LAST sessions for 2023

Let's Connect 

If you answered 'yes' to any of the questions above, let's explore if the Method of Transformation is the right fit for you.  This is an invitation to a no-pressure conversation. 

If we determine that the MOT Small Group is a good fit, perfect.  Let's begin your journey to living your Truth.  If it's not, that's okay!

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