OUR VISION: A world where everyone can confidently and comfortably live their genuine Truth.

Dr. Mary, llc is a social enterprise that believes everyone should be able to live their authentic lives, in other words, ‘live your Truth.’ As a social enterprise, we sell goods and advisor services in the marketplace to achieve a social purpose. We reinvest profits to maximize our social mission.


To elevate humankind to live their personal Truth by marrying the philosophical understanding of what it means to be fully human with science; to develop programs and curriculum which serve various communities in need.



Dr. Mary, llc is a multi-faceted organization that holistically serves women via teaching, advising, spoken and written words, product and her ultimate passion, to give back through Women Affirming Women, an organization for disadvantaged and wounded women.
We appreciate your visit to our site and look to serve you and others through our mission and our products and services.

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Introducing The Doctor's Tees, a Social Enterprise

At Dr. Mary's, we want to inspire women with empowering messages that remind them of their inherent value every time they look in the mirror. Through positive affirmations and messages, they are guided to live more conscious lives that result in lifting up themselves and also those whose lives they touch.

Reflect Your TRUTH

The Doctor's Tees connects consumers with messages that affirm for each person who they truly are at their core. The messages, REFLECTED IN THE MIRROR, are those of affirmation, inspiration and faith to help them live their authentic life. A portion of the proceeds are returned to the artist to support their talents and aspirations. Another portion of the product sales will support non-profits for women in need of support in their personal journeys.

Let It Go
by Adam Volles


by Roel Dave Soriano


Enough Graffiti
by Emily Whitacre



A portion of each shirt sold will be donated. Half of each donation goes to support the artist that designed the shirt and the other half goes to non-proļ¬ts that support women.

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