Feedback Circles

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We were not made to experience life's journey alone.  Our peers within the Enneagram Collaborative Global community are here to work alongside each other towards elevating our professional services and amplifying the value of the Enneagram. 

Each month,  small groups will be gathered  to provide constructive guidance on however you might need help, be it new ideas, current challenges or case struggles.


Idea Lab

EXPLORE a brand new idea/project/workshop with peers and specialists to gain clarity, focus and validate your concept with assistance in concept development, implementation, and ongoing collaboration.

It begins with the seed of an idea.

Have an idea that would benefit from the feedback of other members?  Begin with a discussion with one of our leaders and let's explore if this aligns with what you would like to accomplish. This session is followed by a small member group that will support and guide your idea through a facilitated discussion. 

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Solution Circle

EXPERIENCE a deep dive into your ongoing project that’s already in motion that needs guidance, feedback and recommendations from a group of trusted peer practitioners in a dedicated one-hour session. 

When our ideas lose momentum.

The perfect idea has been working for quite some time.  Business is developing nicely, then all of the sudden, there's a roadblock.  Lean on the expertise of those around you in the ECG membership circle.  We live in world of abundance and are prepared  to help each other all rise with the tide.

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Case Review 

ENGAGE with a sounding board of experienced practitioners for support with challenging cases or client encounters.

Encountering a new situation with a client 

Every client's journey to self-actualization is personal and unique.   As such, so is yours as a coach, therapist or practitioner.  When you find that an additional opinion would be helpful, there are experts ready to help right here at ECG.  Reach out for confidential insights through an on-demand session with a peer.

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SME Groups

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What is a SME?

An SME, or Subject Matter Expert, is an individual who possesses a deep and specialized knowledge in a particular field or subject.  Their expertise and insights are relied upon to provide informed guidance.

What is a SME Group?

Ongoing one-hour monthly sessions with seasoned professionals.  These smaller groups offer a safe place to have open, intimate conversation, in support of and to learn from each other. 

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