SME Groups (Members Only)

What is a SME?

An SME, or Subject Matter Expert, is an individual who possesses a deep and specialized knowledge in a particular field or subject.  Their expertise and insights are relied upon to provide informed guidance.

What is a SME Group?

Ongoing one-hour monthly sessions with seasoned professionals.  These smaller groups offer a safe place to have open, intimate conversation, in support of and to learn from each other. 

Learn Alongside Michael Naylor

Participate in monthly guided discussions with Michael Naylor. 

Discuss topics about relationships to addiction––i.e., challenges for a coach; helping Enneagram Types heal; how to prepare or educate a client on a healing path—and whatever topics group participants want to explore.

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Discuss Business Alongside Mario Sikora & Maria Jose Munita

Participate in monthly guided discussions. 

This group’s discussion center on leveraging the Enneagram within the business world, encompassing non profit organizations, governmental entities, and exploring how the Enneagram can enhance organizational effectiveness. While a general topic will be presented, the conversation will also encompass any issues or topics that participants bring to the table.

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The Enneagram for Licensed Therapists

Participate in monthly guided discussions with Mysti Rainwater

A place for licensed clinicians to meet for education, support and case consultation incorporating the Enneagram with the psychotherapy modalities they already use in their practice. The focus will be on the unique needs of those individuals who hold a state license and takes into consideration the oversight and operating restrictions that apply with licensure. The goal of this group is to continue to bring awareness of ways to incorporate the Enneagram in a clinical setting, thus increasing clinical outcomes as well as clinician and client satisfaction. We will also explore ways to bring the use of the Enneagram to more licensed clinicians as a way to enhance the work they are already doing. A general topic will be offered each month as well as an opportunity for discussion regarding topics or questions brought by participants.

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Discuss the Enneagram within the LGBTQ+ Community

Participate in monthly guided discussions with Patti and Dr. Liora.

The mission of this group is to center on the unique needs & issues specific to LGBTQ+ practitioners and those working with LGBTQ+ clients. As Enneagram activists our mission is to bring the Enneagram to marginalized populations such as LGBTQ+ This group will engage with the ongoing question of how to reach those outside of the mainstream.

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