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Nancy Markow


Thursday,April 18th 11:00 am ET

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In this session:

The Enneagram Symbol offers us three simple invitations with nine instructions. These invitations and instructions guide us to loosen the grip of our personality fixation and passions - to bring awareness to the patterns of our type.  

They guide us towards embodying the nine Holy Ideas and virtues using three simple (yet often challenging to our ego) invitations: BE, KNOW, and UNDERSTAND.  

In this one-hour experience, you will be invited into three ten-minute breakouts to experience the invitations and the nine instructions that accompany them—you will experience a uniting of all three centers of intelligence. 

About Nancy

Board Member

Nancy is a long-time member and volunteer with IEA Global and a board member of IEA-Colorado.

She has been exploring and practicing Enneagram and other teachings for over half her life. 

Nancy retired in 2020 from a diverse healthcare path and finds purpose and meaning now from sharing opportunities that support awakening under the umbrella called "Connecting You with Yourself."  

Enneagram's teachings are an integral part of her everyday thinking, feeling, and doing. 


Enneagram wisdom is found within the yoga classes she guides and in all the weekly Circles she hosts. 

She furthers her experiences with the Enneagram in her role of hosting monthly Enneagram Chats and as a guide within an intense course called Empowered Living—Enneagram from its roots to its wings.  

All the events Nancy hosts are free and accessible via Zoom - it is a practice of giving and receiving from a full heart and an abundant life.  

Learn more about Nancy and what she shares at

Nancy's Website


Tonnisha J. English-Amamoo

Founder of TJE Communications, a boutique marketing agency leveling the playing field for small businesses through digital marketing solutions.


Social Media for the Solopreneur

Calling all solopreneurs! We know as a business owner, it can be complicated to wear many hats. In this session, you’ll learn the essential strategies for content creation, audience engagement, platform selection, and more. Join us to elevate your digital presence and grow your business online by mastering social media as a solopreneur.

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May Keynote

Valerie Atkin

Business Consultant, Coach, Speaker, Peer Group Leader, Founder, Wells Street Consulting.

Topic: Using the Enneagram with Teams.

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July Keynote

Fredrick Coene

Frederik Coene is an EU diplomat who took a two-year sabbatical to spend time with the family and to conduct research in the area of the Enneagram. He has contributed especially in the field of the enneagram and human sexuality and is preparing his next research on the influence of type and instinct on our views on death and spirituality.

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